Playlist 3. Subsurface Machine Learning

This is a combined undergraduate and graduate course on spatial/subsurface machine learning. The class builds from probability, statistics to data, and feature engineering and covers a wide range of inferential and predictive machine learning methods.  The course is a great introduction to machine learning even if you are not interested in the subsurface!

Playlist 2. Spatial Data Analytics

This is a graduate course with a term-long project based on a simulation of industry. I'm the subsurface asset manager, you're my subsurface modeler and together we will walk through all the steps from data to modeling through uncertainty characterization and a decision. The class includes lectures on the fundamentals of all of these important steps. While the class is focussed on subsurface modeling, the content is relevant for any spatial problem.

Playlist 4. Random Talks

This includes other recorded talks, e.g. conference talks, sagely advice, etc.

GeostatsGuy Lectures on YouTube

I record all my lectures from The University of Texas at Austin and post them on YouTube to support my students, working professionals and in the hope to inspire the next generation to pursue a career in STEM. I'm stoked to hear all the positive feedback from around the world from folks learning new things and finding new opportunities through this content. 

It wasn't until late in High School that I was inspired to study engineering and science. It was a chance discussion with an engineering undergraduate to set me on this path. I remember that university was an alien place to me. My hope is to remove barriers for all, by making university an inviting place and faculty accessible to potential students. Education changes lives!

Playlist 1. Introduction to Data Analytics, Geostatistics and Machine Learning

We build from probability, statistics, significance through spatial data analytics/geostatistics with heterogeneity, spatial continuity, estimation, and simulation and end with an introduction to machine learning.

My Experience with Posting All of My University Lectures

My students really appreciate the content to reinforce our in-class lectures. I've also seen a lot of unexpected consequences as a result of posting all my university lectures online, free for anyone to access. There are other universities and many high schools, all over the world, that use my lectures to support learning, working professionals are gaining new skills to face the digital revolution and I'm hearing about potential students getting introduced to these important topics. This has resulted in new collaborations and even funding for my graduate students. In my heart, I hope these posted lectures helps to remove barriers and makes our university an inviting place for all interested in learning.

MICHAEL J. PYRCZ, Ph.D., P.Eng., Associate Professor
Cockrell School of Engineering, Jackson School of Geosciences
and Bureau of Economic Geology

The University of Texas at Austin, Austin, Texas, USA