3. Hire My Students - looking for an intern or full-time hire that will hit the ground running in spatial data analytics, geostatistics, and machine learning? Check out the 'My Students' section to learn more about my team.

4. Training Solutions - work with me to train your people in subsurface data science. I frequently teach in the industry with my startup company, find out more with the daytum link above.

I'm always happy to discuss opportunities for collaboration!

Click the buttons below to learn more about my YouTube channel, GitHub repositories, Python package for spatial data analytics, industrial affiliates program, and startup company that provides data science education for energy professionals.

Are you interested in collaboration? I work in a wide variety of areas, including groundwater, mining, environmental remediation,  oil and gas, economic development. I'm excited to partner with industry, government, and other academics to solve difficult societal problems and to add value.  I have unique skills and experience in the theory and application of spatial data analytics, geostatistics and machine learning, and an amazing, productive army of excellent students. There are a variety of opportunities for collaboration.

We support close collaboration for the development of novel methods and workflows along with demonstrations and documentation to support implementation in your organization. Partnerships between industry and my group are essential for our success.  Here are some options for collaboration:

1. Sponsor Research Directly - let's work together to design and conduct a research project. I support close collaboration for maximum value and a great experience for my students.

2. Join My Consortium - leverage your support and benefit from the work of several graduate students developing new methods and workflows in spatial, subsurface data analytics, geostatistics, and machine learning. We hold quarterly steering meetings, host frequent visits with our industry partners, and provide great research results with papers and well-documented workflows. 

Click this image to download my introduction/summary presentation from the DiReCT first annual meeting.

MICHAEL J. PYRCZ, Ph.D., P.Eng., Associate Professor
Cockrell School of Engineering, Jackson School of Geosciences
and Bureau of Economic Geology

The University of Texas at Austin, Austin, Texas, USA

I provide a lot of resources to support anyone interested in learning about spatial, subsurface data analytics, geostatistics, and machine learning. This includes all of my university lectures shared on my YouTube channel, along with well-documented demonstration workflows on GitHub. Anyone can follow along and learn.

I do this to support my students with evergreen content and working professionals facing the digital challenge, and to break down barriers and make our university a welcoming place and myself accessible to all interested in science and engineering. As a professor, I have a great opportunity to serve our society and our scientific community.

Use the link below (the image) to access an inventory of my online resources with links.