Why have this website?


This is one of my efforts to participate in my scientific community.  Science is a social activity and I look for all possible channels of communication.  I love to lecture / teach at Universities, chair sessions and talk at conferences, and review and publish papers.


Interested in similar scientific topics?  Here's my research interests. 

Want to get a hold of me to ask a scientific question?  Here's my contact information. 

Doing a literature review and need citations to some of my previous work?  Here's my publication list.  Let me know what you are doing.  I'm interested.  

Got questions on research opportunities, a potential future collaborator etc.? I'm always happy to discuss. 

No one does it alone.  We all got started somewhere.  In the end it will be the great relationships that make our careers meaningful.

Michael Pyrcz, P.Eng., Ph.D. 

Saint Anthony Falls Laboratory, Delta Basin (2015) during annual consortium meeting. Appreciation to Prof. Chris Paola and students. Note: broken wrist from Taekwondo sparring.